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The Fire In Anniston {Director's Cut}

Friends of Heart PSA

RAISIN HELL {Official Music Video}

Music Video Reel

Joel Evans has been nominated for now 13 regional Emmys and has won 8 of them. These awards have ranged from national theater campaings to television shows still on the air.
He's won Emmy awards for the following:
1. Cinematographer and editor for national theater ads for the Army National Guard that played in movie theaters across the nation for more than 3 months.
2. Cinematographer on a music video written and performed by singer, songwriter and soldier, Darby Ledbetter.
3. Editing promotional video that showed the National Guard's involvement with a major tornado releif and rescue mission. He was also a part of the filming of this week long endevour.
4. 2 Emmys for his work as producer and eidtor of a TV show that aired nationally, featuring 3 wounded soldiers attempting to summit Mt. Rainer, and another that featured conservation efforts in Belize.

5. 3 Emmys for cinematography, and post-production on a full feature documentary titled, "The Fire In Anniston - The Freedom Riders Story,"  airing on Alabama Public Television 

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